Mistracking is a thing of the past

CenTrax puts your belt back on track

There is now a permanent solution to prevent mistracking in conveyor belt systems: CenTrax!
The CenTrax multi roller belt tracker corrects mistracking of conveyor belts, both in the load carrying strand and the return strand. CenTrax ensures that even under the most extreme conditions, the belt remains on the right track, regardless of the direction of rotation. Your belt back on track!

  1. Thanks to the tapered rollers, CenTrax immediately detects the slightest mistracking. The central roller instantaneously guides the belt back to the correct position.
  2. The width and height of the frame is freely adjustable, and is easy to adjust to virtually any belt design.
  3. The robust and extremely flexible swivel bearing ensures that the steering traverse is exceedingly quick and responsive to any signs of mistracking.

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CenTrax puts your belt back on track




Mistracking of the conveyor belt with all the resulting adverse consequences.




Install CenTrax in the correct positions, and mistracking becomes a thing of the past.




Your belt on the right track and a grip on any mistracking problems.


years of experience

This expertise lies at the heart of the CenTrax design.


CenTrax tracker rollers worldwide

All over the world, CenTrax prevents mistracking.


first CenTrax installed

The first tracker roller that always works.

Let us convince you

Do you want to get a grip on the problems that cause mistracking? Let us convince you by carrying out a test. Should CenTrax not meet your specified objectives, then you can return our product without any cost to you. Contact TBK Spillage Control or, alternatively, contact your nearest distributor for more information.

Maintenance engineer Bulk Handling RWE Generation Eemshaven, Gert-Jan Arkema:
“The mistracking reports have dropped from 250 per month to only 3. The investment soon pays for itself.”

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