Campaign launch with the CenTrax website

Campaign launch with the CenTrax website

Campaign launch with the CenTrax website 640 427 CenTrax

Campaign launch with the CenTrax website

It only takes a few clicks on our new website for you to find inspiring case studies, manuals and customer-ready solutions for any mistracking problem. The launch of this website marks the beginning of the CenTrax campaign that TBK Group has initiated in collaboration with marketing and communications agency De Kleuver.

Centrax website

Lots of images

Visitors to the website want a quick way to discover what CenTrax has to offer. Here, images speak louder than a thousand words, which is why the website is full of animations, images and videos to clarify information about CenTrax, but above all to make it navigable. “After a video of less than two minutes, you will know exactly what CenTrax is and how it works. Visitors simply want a quick answer to their questions without too much clicking”, explains Bart Kelderman, owner of TBK Group.

Inspiring case studies

CenTrax has a solution for every mistracking problem. If you want to know whether we fulfil our promises, simply take a look at our case studies. There we explain what our customers’ problems were, and how we solved them together. Our case studies are also useful for people who are looking for inspiration, who want to learn from similar real-life stories, or who are searching for relatable problems.

Complete service

The website serves mainly as a source of information, where all questions can be answered directly. The videos and animations are especially useful for customers who want to know whether CenTrax has a solution to their problem. Current customers who already have a CenTrax belt tracker system installed, will be able to find manuals and documentation with comprehensive and clear explanations. If you have any questions, you can always call us.

Overview of distributors

Visitors can see at a glance in which countries TBK Group distributors operate. “This means that they will know immediately whether we can be of service to them,” Kelderman explains. The contact details are given so we can be contacted directly.

Collaboration with De Kleuver

TBK Group has joined forces with De Kleuver to create this new website. “We have a common passion to make CenTrax a success and to serve customers as best as we possibly can”, says owner Wim de Kleuver. “The website clearly demonstrates this.”


The first results have already been achieved. “We kicked off our social media campaign on LinkedIn by sharing a professional video from our website”, says Kelderman. “As a result of that message, we received targeted requests from Turkey, among other places. So we sense that we have got off to a good start.”