CenTrax belt tracker brings conveyor belt with garland rollers back on track

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A cement factory in the United Kingdom was experiencing a lot of problems due to misalignment of a 1200 mm wide conveyor belt, fitted with 5-part garland roller pairs. The installation was fitted with tracking systems that were not performing correctly. CenTrax engineers were able to design a custom-made solution.

CenTrax solves misalignment problem at large steel producer

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One of the factories of the largest steel producer in the world had major problems with misalignment. In May 2016 a CenTrax underpart steering roller system SO 1600-P was installed. Immediately after starting up the installation, CenTrax steered the tire back to the centre.

CenTrax now the standard at large stainless steel manufacturer

CenTrax now the standard at large stainless steel manufacturer 1

The belt transport of 0-200 mm chrome ore at one of the largest stainless steel producers in the world caused many problems. The installation in 2013 of only one CenTrax upper part steering roller system solved this problem once and for all. Up to now CenTrax is functioning perfectly, still with the original set of rollers.

CenTrax for RWE Eemshaven power plant

CenTrax for RWE Eemshaven power plant 2

The constant downtime of the conveyor belts caused delays in supply and additional costs. RWE consulted TBK Group, after which it was decided to install our CenTrax tracker rollers for a trial period. Within a month, it was already clear that CenTrax was the solution to their misalignment problem.