CenTrax has launched a new, target group oriented website

Completely up to date, clearer and very user-friendly, thanks to a more intuitive navigation layout: the CenTrax website has been given a new look, and gives an even clearer explanation of what CenTrax can do for you. Robert-Jan Budding, marketing consultant, has overhauled the old website and managed a perfect transformation: “The new website is a logical follow-up, and answers any questions our customers may have. The site now features a varied, informative mix of text, images and videos.”

Using an extensive library of current case studies, blogs and documentation, website visitors are given answers to all their questions. From now on, it is also possible, with a click of a button, to arrange a free inspection to identify causes, consequences and possible solutions. The website provides a clear insight into what mistracking actually is, and it demonstrates and proves how CenTrax is the ideal partner to resolve the problem of mistracking.

Case studies and blogs

Multiple case studies focus on customers’ challenging mistracking issues, which have been solved thanks to CenTrax tracker rollers. Think of trusted relationships with, for example, ArcelorMittal, the largest steel producer in the world, and RWE, the Essent’s parent company. Budding: “In addition, we give tips and write blogs about a variety of news interests: from account managers, who talk about their experiences, to distributors, who give the reader an insight into how others around the world deal with mistracking.” Moreover, the global distribution network has been mapped-out, interested distributors can sign up and the one-time subscription to our newsletter ensures that you are always up to date with the latest tips on how to resolve mistracking.

Valuable content

Budding believes in the power of inbound marketing. He used this American marketing philosophy when designing the new website. Inbound marketing focuses on efficiently offering valuable content to a specific target group, making it easier for supply and demand to find each other. According to the marketing consultant, it’s important that you empathise with your target group, that you know what their concerns are, and what questions they are asking. “Our customers ask how mistracking occurs, and how quickly it can be resolved. This is because the problem is bigger than simply conveyor belt mistracking. It disrupts the entire production process and pollutes the environment, because material falls off the conveyor”, Budding says.

‘Don’t make me think’

A logically constructed navigation layout and the art of omission ensure a relaxed, unobtrusive website. As a result, visitors are kept appropriately updated: sometimes by text, sometimes with images, and sometimes with reinforcing videos. “A common mistake is that many website builders make a site too complex. They go into too much depth and use too many designer techniques. But a visitor has very little time, and doesn’t want to waste a second thinking about the website. Otherwise, you run the risk of a potential client leaving prematurely. The criterion for judging a website, according to Budding, is “Don’t make me think!”.



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