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As CenTrax manufacturer we have developed different models. Each of them are suitable for a different position in the conveyor belt construction. They all guide the conveyor belt back to its correct position.

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Belt misalignment isn’t solved just like that. Every situation requires its own approach. Our specialists will be happy to visit you to assess the situation and offer you the right CenTrax for your situation.


Fixing problems. It’s in our DNA.


Conveyor belt misalignment isn't solved just like that. Every situation requires its own approach. We go on site to have a look at the current situation, enabling us to offer the right CenTrax at the right spot.


Our experienced local service engineers are ready to install and commission the CenTrax for you, or assist you in doing so. Ensuring you minimum downtime and we don't leave until the misalignment has been resolved.


CenTrax tracker roller systems require little maintenance. Of course, the rollers sometimes need to be replaced. In that case too, you can count on us. We keep a large stock, which is available locally.

Do you want to get a grip on the problems that cause misalignment?

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Misalignment should not be one of your problems

Misalignment not only damages your conveyor belt, it also causes additional indirect damages. CenTrax solves more than misalignment!

Less downtime

CenTrax belt trackers are specially designed to keep going under all conditions and do demand hardly any maintenance. The rollers are very wear-resistant and easy to replace.

Stay on budget

Mistracking not only damages the conveyor belt, but also causes damage to the belt construction, spillage and unscheduled downtime. Resulting in increased maintenance and operational costs.

Increase productivity

Mistracking causes loss of production and loss of valuable raw materials. CenTrax keeps your conveyor belt centralized and thereby increases your productivity.

Your belt back on track