CenTrax for fitting in the load carrying strand

The patented CenTrax multi-roller belt tracker type SK and S, effectively correct mistracking in the load carrying strand. CenTrax can be fitted for both corrective and preventative reasons.

CenTrax is suitable for belts with two directions of rotation. The maximum belt speed is 3 m/s for the SK type and 6 m/s for the S type. The trough angle of the tapered rollers can be infinitely adjusted to the trough angle of the conveyor belt (up to 47°). CenTrax is available for belts from 650 to 1000 mm (SK type) and 1200 to 1800 mm (S type). Greater belt widths and higher belt speeds are available on request.

Why choose the CenTrax load carrying strand multi roller belt tracker?

  • excellent tracking features
  • fast and efficient correction of mistracking, thanks to the smooth-running swivel bearing in combination with profiled guiding rollers
  • maintenance-free swivel bearing, resistant to external factors
    tapered rollers that are infinitely adjustable (between 10° and 47°) and perfectly match the trough angle of the belt
  • easy to install
  • suitable for two directions of rotation
  • adaptable to virtually any belt construction
  • can be used in the toughest conditions
  • certified for use in explosive hazard areas, class I M2 and II 2D, in accordance with the EC directive 94/9/EC.


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