Tracker rollers with perfect grip

CenTrax has a minimum of three tracker rollers: one or more central rollers and two tapered guide rollers. The robust steel rollers are lined with 8 mm thick durable rubber. The lining is applied by autoclave vulcanization. The vulcanizing method guarantees a seamless and permanent bond between the rubber and steel roller shell. All rollers have a diamond patterned profile for extra grip on the belt.

Wear-resistant, explosion-proof and maintenance-free

For applications that require high resistance to wear and tear, rollers with a polyurethane lining are available. If CenTrax is used in areas where there is a risk of explosion, rollers with an ATEX-compliant rubber are available. CenTrax is DEKRA certified for use in explosive hazardous areas. In addition, the rollers are available with an oil and grease resistant rubber lining. The rollers are individually replaceable. The tracking system remains undisturbed and is maintenance-free.


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