‘The TBK Group warehouse is my shop!’

Eight years ago, warehouse manager Jan ter Haar (59) set up the (then new) warehouse for the TBK Group in Renswoude. He familiarised himself with every single aspect of each product, imposed order and organised ‘his shop’ while at the same time witnessing the rapid, dynamic growth of the TBK Group. Now, he realises that the warehouse is creaking at the seams, and so he’s making preparations for the next phase.

“The direction in which the TBK Group is going now means that the warehouse has become too small for purpose. The demand for CenTrax tracker rollers in particular is increasing. In the beginning we only delivered within Europe, but now CenTrax is exported all over the world. You can actually see the company grow as a result of the commitment of all our employees”, Ter Haar says proudly. Moreover, he expects similar growth for the Spill-ex sealing system, which has been further developed and re-patented by TBK Group, and is scheduled to be launched onto the market later this year.

A sense of responsibility

As the company grew, so did his sense of responsibility. For example, our warehouse employee is attempting to organise the available space even more efficiently; he has completed numerous safety courses, and is perfectly happy to jump in the car should the technicians on site need more equipment. “The warehouse is my shop! I can’t afford to make any mistakes, as our products are sent all over the world. And incorrect deliveries cost money.”

An understanding approach

For a long time, he was the only warehouse manager who put in the extra effort needed to ensure that all orders for TBK Spillage Control, Dust Control Partners and IFE Bulk Benelux were sent out on time. But even a hard worker like Ter Haar eventually couldn’t keep up with efficiently managing and organizing a warehouse the size of a football field. All this in addition to carrying out the day-to-day tasks, such as order picking and the loading and unloading of trucks. He was delighted when his request for an extra pair of hands was agreed to without any argument at all. “TBK is a considerate, supportive employer. They are always prepared to listen, and find a solution for any issues you raise”, the warehouse manager explains. He is looking forward to soon sharing his ‘shop’ with a new colleague.

Tinkering and fishing

Ter Haar is approaching the respectable age of 60, and from then on, he will be working one less day per week. He would have preferred it to be different: “If I had not had any physical complaints, I would have continued to work five days a week until I retired. I seldom take a day off.” This hard working employee doesn’t need to think very hard about how he’ll be spending his extra free time: “Motorbike riding, and tinkering with my Harleys! I have two Harley Davidson’s, I even had three, but I recently sold one. And I’ll be spending time fishing for pike and carp with my son. Just sitting by the water quietly, and not doing anything. If you catch a carp, it’s fine, and if you don’t, that’s also fine.”



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